Quality Automation Engineer

  • Dublin
  • Utmost Software, Inc.
We work with talented people who are keen on tackling big problems.

We’re a team with a vision. We believe that organizations and the people who contribute to their success, deserve work solutions that foster harmony and success. It’s a win-win mentality, and it’s what makes our team unique—the drive to truly help the real people, doing real work.

Quality Automation Engineer

Dublin, Ireland

What you will be doing...

Utmost is enabling the future of work. We are a small and fast paced team with big ambitions and we are looking for a highly technical quality automation engineer to join our collective. If you're excited to be part of an ambitious team solving challenging problems and helping workers everywhere, Utmost is a great place to grow your career. Your unique technical skillset will complement and extend our team.

We organise into cross functional feature teams that include product owners, product designers, QA, frontend, backend and system engineering. You will work within a highly engaged feature team to deliver our SaaS platform for engaging the extended workforce. Your experience testing feature rich and highly configurable enterprise web applications and test automation will make you a highly valued part of the team. You will work with engineering and product leadership to set and measure standards around test automation at all stages of the pipeline. Your natural inquisitiveness and bias for action will drive efficiencies in how we deliver value to our customers.

Your voice and input to our product is crucial to its success. At Utmost we want to make sure we give people an opportunity to grow their career and expand their technical skills. As the product gains adoption and as the team grows we will invest in your technical and career development.

Our backend software is written in Kotlin exposing a GraphQL API to our Typescript and React based frontend. We have test automation at all stages of the build pipeline.

We invite you to come talk to our team, who are as passionate and proud of their work - as we expect you are.

  • Our focus is on high-quality continuous delivery – you will be part of a multi-disciplinary feature team involved in planning, design and execution of our test process and practice
  • Design systems to measure product quality and drive systems to improve on it.
  • It means putting your coding skills to great use - writing high-quality, well refactored automated tests.
  • Sharing your test and quality ethos with the entire team so that we continue to raise the bar on quality while increasing our pace of delivery.
  • You'll be making sure we have adequate test coverage, reliability, speed of execution and test data creation in a Continuous Delivery environment.
  • Along with the rest of the team you will hold us to a high standard on responding to issues raised in static analysis or issues that are impacting our ability to deliver reliably.
  • You will work with the team to set and measure invariants such as pipeline execution speed and have simple processes to respond when those invariants are exceeded.
  • We also want to hear your ideas and support you implementing them - this means driving the quality agenda in your team – being an advocate of quality in your team, mentoring teammates, always looking for ways to improve tools and process.
  • Be obsessive about driving continuous improvement of the SDLC eg
  • monitoring and measuring of production usage
  • feature cycle time
  • deployment frequency
  • build time
  • Do all the things that help team performance
  • code reviews, ideation, mentoring and coach other developers and foster a culture of continuous learning
Here's the essential skills. You...
  • have a strong bias for action
  • can communicate complex information clearly and simply in written format as well as verbally
  • have demonstrated expertise in coding and test automation
  • have worked with Cloud native architectures
  • have already worked on commercial JVM based software in an Agile lifecycle including TDD, pair programming, short release cycles
  • have a track record of delivering working software in production
About Utmost

Work today is increasingly done with alternative labor including consultants, contingent workers, gig workers, and freelancers, and yet companies don’t have the tools to manage this type of talent. Further, the workers themselves need better tools to effectively participate in this new world of work. Utmost offers companies tools to manage their alternate labour forces with lower costs and higher productivity while ensuring compliance, and Utmost further offers solutions for workers to efficiently participate in this new economy with efficiency and confidence. Utmost was founded in 2018 by Annrai O’Toole (IONA Technologies, Cape Clear, Workday), Dan Beck (Accenture, Intuit, Workday) and Paddy Benson (IONA Technologies, NewBay, Groupon) and is backed by Greylock Partners.