Basic Grade Respiratory Physiologist

  • Dublin
  • Mater Hospital
<p>We are looking for respiratory physiologists to join our dynamic and growing team of Respiratory Physiologists working alongside a strong team of specialist respiratory nurses and 8 Respiratory Consultants. The Mater hospital is the National centre for heart and lung transplantation and pulmonary hypertension to name a few. So therefore you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in diagnosing a wide range of respiratory conditions from our unique patient cohorts. The PFT lab perform and report on a range of respiratory and sleep diagnostics procedures with scope for expanding our diagnostic capabilities. We currently perform and report on the following tests:</p> <p>· Spirometry &amp; reversibility testing.</p> <p>· Full pulmonary function testing (including Plethysmography).</p> <p>· Methacholine challenge testing.</p> <p>· MIP, MEP &amp; SNIP.</p> <p>· CPET.</p> <p>· Setup, analysis and scoring of limited sleep studies.</p> <p>· Skin Prick allergy testing.</p> <p>All physiologists in the lab will work between the hospital and in the integrated care hub in the community.</p> <p>Any query’s regarding the post don’t hesitate to contact the chief respiratory physiologist Ciarán Heatley @<a href="" target="_self"><strong></strong></a></p>