Data Analytics & Continuous Improvement POC

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About the team In ADSEO we establish internal and external communication mechanisms to solve XFN communication problems to improve communication efficiency. The team is responsible for standardising the project management process, including requirement management, quality management, efficiency management, manpower management, etc. to improve project management efficiency. Responsibilities- Operational Enhancement through Data Analysis: Delve into vast datasets to identify trends and patterns enabling crucial improvements in operation efficiency.- Real-time Site-level queue monitoring: Support regional leaders with resources to help them monitor queues and key metrics (Accuracy, AHT, UR) in real-time, enabling immediate actions to address potential gaps and ensure operational efficiency.- Visual Representation: Create visually compelling presentations of data tailored for stakeholders across different organisational tiers, promoting swift understanding and interpretation of information.- Data Integrity & Governance: Enforce and maintain high standards of data quality and governance procedures, encompassing scorecards, data cleansing and security protocols to guarantee the reliability and credibility of derived insights.- Process Improvement: Support operations teams in improving processes where issues and gaps exist, create a culture of continuous improvement, drive creative and innovative solutions to support operations reaching key performance metrics.- Documentation: To maintain comprehensive documentation of processes, improvements and outcomes. Support the Ops team in generating feedback mechanisms, SOP's aso. and communicate the progress and impact of continuous improvement efforts. Minimum Qualifications- Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent education/experience is preferred.- Solid experience in data analysis & reporting; Able to provide insightful reports that not only pinpoint problems but also provide actionable insights for strategic decision making.- Strong proficiency in data visualisation tools & techniques. Preferred Qualifications- Solid communication skills to convey insights effectively to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. - Proven ability to collaboratively work in a team-oriented setting as well as detail oriented with a focus on accuracy and precision.- Solid communication skills.- Understanding of the Trust & Safety and of an Operations environment would be supportive within the role, but is not a requirement.- You can solve complex problems in creative, sustainable ways, as well as focus on the here and now while keeping an eye on the future to prioritise work.