Zara Dundrum - Operations Department Manager

  • Dublin
  • Zara

Job Title


Full time Position

Reporting to

General Manager / Regional operational Manager

Key Responsibilities


  • To support the general manager with security procedures to minimise stock loss and produce action plans accordingly.
  • Responsible for SINT organisation managing daily deadlines and maximising online packages to increase store probability.
  • To overlook replenishment is done in a timely and effective manner through all the departments and find ways in improving efficiency in line with company guidelines.
  • Maintaining a healthy stock level in the stockroom by conducting frequent and efficient returns to the warehouse following the company guidelines.
  • Analyse operational reports/KPI: 25R replenishment ranking, success of devolutions, confirmation of transfers and strategize plans for improvement.
  • Manage and oversee the delivery process to ensure its line with the company target productivity.
  • Overlook the organisation of the fitting room money mapping rail operations ensuring its efficient and effective.


  • Hours: To manage the budget of hours in the operations team effectively respecting the shift pattern and work life balance project.
  • Rota: To design the ideal rota to ensure you have the correct covering taking into consideration the budget of hours provided by the HR Business Partner.
  • Productivity in sales/ units: To meet the budget, monitoring and taking

Corrective actions when necessary.

  • To be responsible for all payroll processes and comply with deadlines
  • To ensure that all ER processes are followed according to the company policy in managing formal and informal meetings, sicknesses and absence
  • To understand and reinforce the company return policy.
  • Promote HR Policies and Procedures and the Code of Conduct in the store by sharing information with the team and leading by example


  • To actively identify members of the operations team with development potential and build a continuous internal succession plan
  • To develop the operations team through performance reviews and Personal


  • To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction is offered in the store.
  • To support customer service with product, knowledge and awareness of the new arrivals, the best sellers and fashion trends.
  • To effectively resolve customer queries and manage conflict


  • To ensure good housekeeping is maintained throughout all areas in the store and to communicate with the senior management team in case an accident happens.
  • To be aware of the risks of employees and customers are exposed to and to be aware of safe work practices and company procedures to overcome them.
  • Comply with the Company Health & Safety Policy.
  • To be an ambassador in the company’s sustainability project and ensure that the company upholds and works towards finding new, innovative and economically reductive ways to stay sustainable

Experience and Qualifications

  • Experience in managing a similar retail operation within a fast paced environment.
  • Team management experience maximizing profitability and drive sales.
  • Systematic organised approach to work

Skills and Attitudes

  • Lead by example, motivating and developing employees
  • Forward planning skills and strategic thinking
  • Time management and strong organisational skills - Delegation
  • Identifies problems, reacts accordingly with initiative and problem solving
  • People and Interpersonal Skills - Mentoring
  • Positive attitude towards self
  • development
  • Ability to work autonomously and as part of a team.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Numeracy Skills
  • This job description is designed to help you understand your role better and to improve the effectiveness of our recruitment process. It is not an exhaustive list of all the things that you may be required to do and maybe required to take on additional tasks._
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