Program Manager - Onboarding and Events

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Program Manager - Onboarding and Events Management Key Responsibilities: Onboarding: Partners with hiring manager and key stakeholders to feed and maintain an connected and effective onboarding experience. • Contributes to improve and connect new team members onboarding process flow that encapsulates the entire onboarding experience along with gives/gets from the team and the prescribed timeline in which these give/gets are executed. • Create a new hire onboarding tracker for the first 4 weeks that includes but is not limited to if a new hire has received onboarding documentation, has been assigned an onboarding buddy, if they have received on-the-job training, etc. • When a new team member is added to the onboarding tracker, complete the onboarding process flow by adhering to the process flow created. Delivery should align to dates and SLAs established within the process flow. • Audit process quarterly, create a SWOT analysis and a strategic recommendations document. Vet with stakeholders and apply accepted changes to the process flow and onboarding tracker. Event Management: Bootcamps and other community engagements orchestrated by CSA regional leadership in partnership with GDC • Drive project management planning and local execution of events including bootcamps, trainings and others community connections such as quarterly Town Halls • Maintain Monthly & Quarterly touchpoint with stakeholders. • Land event invitations, draft communications, run community meetings, capture notes and produce post-event readout • Facilitate a kick-off meeting and regular stand-up meetings to drive team alignment around the objective and goals of each event. • Produce planning meeting notes and action items and distribute to stakeholders within 1 full business day of the meeting.Rhythm of Business: Orchestrate an effective rhythm of connection with the community and stakeholders to maximize productivity. • This role also partners closely with the Sales Excellence and regional Leadership in FastStart activities and Culture -Identity projects (i.e. Changemaker theme, Purpose: Empower Digital Potential at Scale) • Project plan to document program rhythm of business including planning meetings, content reviews, deliverables, milestones, etc. • Attend meetings as documented within the project plan. • Produce meeting notes and action items and distribute to stakeholders within 1 full business day of the meeting. • Once per quarter, perform a SWOT analysis analyzing portfolio planning performance. The ideal candidate will have: • 3-5 Years previous experience minimum – Preferably Communications and/or Analytical experience / • Structured proactive approach to projects, agendas and follow up.. • Proactive problem solver with analytical skills • Someone who can innovate and transform business process’ • Strong collaborator with management team